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Nelly - A noble story about chocolate

The story of the company Nelly begins modestly in 1994, when Todor Obradović and Mitar Obradović, father and son, founded the company and together they set out on the path to success. Back then they had one worker and one retail store. Today, in 2024, the Nelly company has evolved to include the trading company Mile Prom and the Nelly Chocolate Factory.

Starting with the factory, we focused on a region with 300,000 people, producing 8 products at the time. Now we export to countries such as Russia (X5 with 22,000 markets, Spar, Arseni, Verni), Italy, Great Britain, Slovakia, Greece, Estonia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Libya, Macedonia, Romania, Belarus (Eurotorg with 1,100 markets), Poland

In Serbia, we have our own distribution company “Nelli distribucija“, where salespeople visit customers, and our merchandisers organize goods in markets. Nelly logistics covers the whole of Serbia. Our products use the highest quality raw materials in the world – Barry Callebaut chocolate, AAK Swedish lard, milk from the European Union, the highest quality hazelnuts

In 2017, we implemented the best and most modern equipment in the world, which we acquired from renowned manufacturers such as SACMI Group (Carlo Montenari and OPM), Biller, Illa Pack, Cavana, Simonato and others.

Our factory covers an area of 10,000 m² and is equipped with top technology from Italy and Germany. We are dedicated to working on state-of-the-art systems with 100% automation, where robots are in charge of packing Nelly chocolates in large capacities. This investment represents our commitment to superior quality and efficiency in production, making us a leader in the chocolate industry.

We have ISO9001:2015, HACCP, BRCGS, IFS, HALAL standards.

The Nelly chocolate factory regularly participates in fairs in Amsterdam, Cologne, Moscow and Dubai where we reserve a stand and exhibit our product range.

In 2024, we will continue to work on digitization, robotization and modernization.

Cooperation with state authorities and local self-government

Nelly achieves successful cooperation with the local self-government and the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Our factory was visited by high-ranking officials, including the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Ana Brnabić, the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Aleksandar Vulin, the Minister of Economy Tomislav Momirović, the Russian Ambassador Aleksandar Vasilejvich Čepurin, as well as the Mayor of Loznica Vidoje Petrović.

Prizes and awards

The owner of Nelly company, Mitar Obradović, has been awarded with various recognitions, including the titles:

  • The greatest visionary in the field of food in Serbia from the International World Organization of Switzerland;
  • Best Food Entrepreneur from the British Ambassador – British American Awards 2016;
  • The best businessman in his city of Loznica in 2016;
  • Charter of Captain Miša Atanasijević in 2017;
  • International World Intellectual Property Organization, the largest number of registered trademarks in 2019.
European Bisiness Awards

Taking care of employees

Over the years, we have hired new employees and increased salaries. We currently have three hundred workers. We regularly organize celebrations for workers with guests from abroad, and the salary has increased five times since the owner started developing the factory.

Workers receive different types of awards for 10, 15 and 20 years of work, the best work in their sectors, and we also provide them with weekends in the mountains.

Mission, vision and goal of the company

In the future, we plan to work on increasing employee satisfaction through higher salaries and continued business expansion.

Thanks to a dedicated team led by the owner of the company, we increased production from 100 tons to 2400 tons per year, expanded the range from 8 products to 150 products, and moved from selling in one region in Serbia to exporting to 20 countries.

We have achieved the highest global standards such as IFS and BRC, implemented automation and integrated the use of robots for efficient packaging.

However, our vision goes further – in the future, we will continue to create new customers, increase the volume of production, hire young and educated personnel, and expand our presence on the markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This dedication to innovation and growth reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and expanding our influence in the confectionery industry.

We believe that great success is achieved only with great work, dedication and fighting spirit, and it is important that the entire team of associates is satisfied.

The owner emphasizes his visionary role, but emphasizes that the realization of his vision would be impossible without the commitment and expertise of his operational team. This synergy between visionary ideas and operational execution is key to the company’s success and continued growth.

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