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Nelina Maxxx
Ultimate experience of chocolate perfection!

Nelina Maxxx

Nelina Maxxx chocolate series offers an exquisite taste experience with a variety of combinations that will captivate your palate. Crafted from premium Belgian chocolate from the renowned manufacturer Barry Callebaut, these chocolates bring a harmony of rich flavors and quality ingredients.

In the Nelina Maxxx series, you can find irresistible flavors like Nugat cream and hazelnut, a perfect blend of peanut and caramel, as well as a rich combination in three layers of milk, white, and dark chocolate. For lovers of fruity notes, there is the Strawberry Cheesecake chocolate that will win you over with its unique taste. For those who enjoy more intense flavors, we recommend Black Cookie, creamy Caramel and Waffle, or Choco Waffle.

The variety of flavors and quality ingredients make our Maxxx series an irresistible option for all chocolate lovers. Indulge in the sweet pleasure with large bars weighing from 250 to 305 grams of Nelina Maxxx chocolate and experience a superior taste sensation that will captivate you time and time again.

Barry Callebaut

Nugat cream and hazelnut

Peanut and caramel

Milk, white, and dark chocolate

Strawberry Cheesecake

Black Cookie

Caramel and waffle

Chocolate waffle

Biscuit and caramel