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Welcome to the world of the  Nelly chocolate

The new range of our chocolates not only promises top quality, but is designed to enchant and fill your moments of enjoying the magical taste notes of Nelly chocolates.

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Our best selling products

Sport and chocolate in perfect harmony

Strength, taste, pleasure - All in one!

We are excited to introduce our revolutionary line of SPORT chocolates, specially designed for athletes who want to enjoy irresistible sweet moments without the guilt. With carefully selected ingredients, this collection provides not only exceptional taste, but also additional benefits for your health and fitness.

Every day we create amazing flavors

The modern production line of the Nelly company in Loznica combines traditional methods with innovative techniques.

Carefully selected ingredients, together with the mastery of our chocolate experts, guarantee not only an exceptional taste, but also an authentic experience of sweet enjoyment that we pass on over the years.

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Sweet ways of the past, tastes of the future!

17 years of producing Nelly chocolates

The story of the company Nelly begins modestly in 1994, when Todor Obradović and Mitar Obradović, father and son, founded the company and started the path of success together. Back then they had one worker and one retail store.

Today, in 2024, the Nelly company has evolved to include the trading company Mile Prom and the Nelly Chocolate Factory…

Nelino Kids

A happy treat for sweet childhood moments

Nelino Kids products are specially designed to provide an irresistible combination of taste and fun for the youngest. Our colorful range of products brings sweet adventures to every bite, adapted to children's palates. Safety and quality are our first priority, and we strive to provide products that meet high standards. With cheerful packaging and a variety of shapes, Nelino Kids sweets become the favorite choice of little ones, providing them with sweet moments of joy and enjoyment.