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Undisputed in the production of chocolates and other confectionery products

The Nelly chocolate factory has been constantly developing and modernizing over the years. We invest most of our energy and resources in product development, and today we proudly produce around 150 different types of products.

Our range includes all types of chocolate bars with nougat, hazelnut, caramel, peanut, chocolates from 50g to 62g, sports chocolates without sugar, chocolates with protein for athletes, Ruby (pink) chocolates, cheesecake chocolates, chocolates with one hazelnut each in each cube, 80g chocolates in 15 different flavors, chocolates from 190g to 305g in 10 different flavors, as well as pralines.

Our best selling flavors include Nelina Kids, Nelina Excellence chocolates 80g, Nelina Maxxx chocolates 190g-305g, licensed Sponge Bob chocolates, Nelina Sport Maxxx chocolates and Dolce Vita pralines 150g.

Our best selling products

Our products use the highest quality raw materials in the world – Barry Callebaut chocolate, AAK Swedish lard, milk from the European Union, the highest quality hazelnuts…

Each product is created from five types of chocolate: milk chocolate, white chocolate, ruby pink chocolate, dark chocolate and Belgian premium chocolate. We are proud to point out that each of our products carries the label of Belgian premium chocolate.

All our products have intellectual property trademarks of the European Union, Russia and the former Yugoslavia, and Fabrika Nelly carefully protects each product in intellectual property around the world.

Thanks to a dedicated team led by the owner of the company, we increased production from 100 tons to 2400 tons per year, expanded the range from 8 products to 150 products, and moved from selling in one region in Serbia to exporting to 20 countries.

We have achieved the highest world standards IFS, BRC, but also local standards such as ISO9001:2015, HACCP and HALAL.