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Sunđer Bob kolekcija Nelly
Sweet as adventures under the sea!

Sponge Bob

We are proud to present our collection inspired by the favorite cartoon character Sponge Bob and his unforgettable adventures. We are deeply committed to creating products that revive the spirit of this beloved cartoon series and bring a smile to the faces of all SpongeBob fans, especially our youngest heroes.

Our line of licensed Sponge Bob SquarePants products brings you a wide range of fun and quality products that are created to complete your world of sweet and fun moments. Whether you’re a fan of Sponge Bob Square Pants or just love to indulge in the magic of children’s adventures, our collection has something for everyone.

The Nelly chocolate factory has a license for the production and export of Sponge Bob sweets.

Sponge Bob Milk

Sponge Bob Black Cookie

Sponge Bob Popping Candy

Sponge Bob Egg

Sponge Bob Choco Banana (display)

Sponge Bob Choco banana (box)

Sponge Bob Choco Banana (Bar)

Sponge Bob cream

Sponge Bob Gummies

Sponge Bob Gummies (Patrick)